Editor’s Note: Ambitious Dreams & Courageous Realities

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img ref: Elle


It is not difficult to see how monumental this moment in time is for women’s history. One hundred years ago, we had no voice. On Tuesday, the nation almost elected her first woman president. Despite the politics (and the drama) of the election season. We should all feel so proud of the progress we have made.

Not only are we able to vote but our voices are too powerful and too loud to ignore. Our first major party candidate for president was undeniably qualified to hold the most important office in the land. She gave the boys a run for their money AND she won the popular vote.

We are not too far from that defining crack in the glass ceiling anymore. It is empowering to know that any one of us can and will rise to the occasion again soon. In the meantime,

  • We continue to fight to create a world where our daughters can have more ambitious dreams and live out more courageous realities.
  • We continue to teach our daughters the value of preparation, conviction and inspiration. Whenever we have been able to put a crack in that ceiling, these three are present.

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton for an Historic candidacy and to all the wonderful women that ran for other political offices this year from Carly Fiorina to Kamala Harris to Ilhan Omar.

We are proud of you Smart Girls!

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