Back To Basics

It started out as a consequence for naughty behavior. I remember actually cringing inside as I made the decree of no TV for a week. The girls are used to not watching TV during the week but the weekends are free game. Hubby is traveling this week so restricting TV on a weekend day was not doing myself any favors.

As expected, the day started slow and with a lot of whining about how bored they are. But soon enough, they were making up games and belly laughing. It warmed my heart. The best part was T declaring later that day that it was actually fun without TV. Sigh!

Eventually I needed two hours of quiet and let them watch a show but I learned that day how important it is to be intentional about going back to the basics with our kids and letting them embrace screen-less fun.  It bothers me a bit that I even have to be intentional about that and it’s not just what we do but that is my reality.

Am I alone in this? To what extent do you all restrict screens in your home?

Ps: There have been some amazing #SmartGirls in the news lately. Check these rockstars out: Ms. Frankel is 92 and still rocking wallstreet, Naomi is the strongest teenager in the world, and 11yr old Zoe is an amazing entrepreneur.

P.s.s: #TeamRSG has expanded! Congrats to my dear friend Uto who delivered a beautiful baby boy yesterday!

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