Hello Smart Mommy!


It is almost inevitable.

You tell someone you are having a girl, and they immediately respond with either: “Oh boy, get ready ..  Girls are trouble! OR girls are so cute, you will have so much fun dressing them up as dolls”. Its kinda confusing, really.

However, lets face it; besides the pretty bows, tutu skirts and fancy shoes, raising girls comes with its own unique set of challenges.  Way before puberty hits and boys stop being “yucky”, there is the smart mouth, clothes and makeup and the super sensitive tween emotions.

Uto and I are best friends and have 4 girls between us and actively act as co-parents to our kids. We are constantly sharing information on parenting resources as we ultimately want to be able to confidently answer these questions of the time they were under our care:

Did we raise head smart girls, that are well prepared to make the right choices and thrive in our global rapidly evolving world?

Did we raise heart smart girls, that understand their true self worth and guard their hearts when it comes to love of both themselves and others?

We created this platform to extend the  support that we desire for ourselves on this journey of parenting and most of all, to foster a community with you, our fellow smart mommy.

So from now on, we are in this together; Our girls will glow!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! Clearly you two are smart women to invent this avenue for moms who faces the same struggles everyday. I’m looking forward to reading more…Hoping for some dialogue regarding our growing questions on how to address the changing family dynamics (i.e mom/mom, dad/dad). Take Care ladies and congrats on “Raising Smart Girls”!

    1. Great ideas for future dialogue topics Ketnah! Seeing as there’s power in numbers, by doing this together we’ll have an easier time figuring these new age challenges!

  2. Thanks ladies! We are hoping to leverage on our collective resources to make sure we give our girls the best tools to succeed in today’s world!

  3. Wow! Ola sent me this link! Thankfully! This is awesome, I have twin daughters and find it challenging at times due to the society we live in today…sometimes I feel like they are9 going on 21! Will def be reading , actively commenting and learning!

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