Editor’s Note: Protect Your Joy


“Are you having fun?”

That is what my older daughter asked me over FaceTime two days ago.When I am traveling for work, our sweet conversations over video chat at the end of the day are usually small talk about the day and an exchange of silly faces. She has never asked me if I was having fun on my work trip.  I don’t remember what my response was to her but i couldn’t stop thinking about that question. Was I supposed to be having fun? The truth is the 12 days of this month already feels like several weeks have passed. I have so much piled up on my plate at work, home and with my personal goals that all I can think of is getting things done.

How often do we start the year full speed ahead and burn out before the 1st quarter is over? If it is not fun, we end up hating it and if we hate it, we will eventually stop doing it.

I needed the reminder to do things the way I love and not just to check them off the list. I needed the reminder to protect my joy. So in order to still experience joy and strength at the thousandth step of our individual journeys this year, let’s remind ourselves of what we already know we need to do: fuel up, set a steady pace and plan for breaks.

It’s only Jan 12 and thanks to my wise little girl, I have hit the reset button already. Do you need a reset?

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