Editor’s Note: And I’m Back!

Hey Smart Mommy,

Happy new month! Sorry I have been MIA for the last two weeks. My time has been so stretched lately. I can best describe it as my 5yr old daughter describes sour candy; in the middle of yummy and yucky. There are a lot of good things going on but lots of other less fun but important things zapping my time.  Anyway, I’m finding my balance again and excited to continue with our weekly conversations.

There are lots of goodies in this week’s roundup including a discussion about having a more robust talk with your daughters about sex and some suggestions for keeping your kids from learning loss over the summer (hint: focus on non-traditional learning and reinforcing key subjects in fun ways). In my home, one of our non-traditional learning highlights this summer is my daughter’s lemonade stand. She has been planning it for a few weeks and is super excited about hopefully making her first sale this weekend.  I have enjoyed helping her understand the basics of running a business and seeing her face light up about all the possibilities.  I will report back next week on how it goes.

Lastly, I have enjoyed getting letters from several of you sharing experiences and challenges in your parenting journey.  I hope to share some, with permission, with the rest of the community shortly because sometimes, knowing you are not alone is enough to inspire all the courage you need to push through whatever you current situation or try something new.

So please do keep sending in your letters and notes!

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