Mess Ups Are Ok

“But I already messed up!”


That was my daughter two days ago, upset over making a mistake in the little craft book that she was working on. She’s six and it blows my mind the strong tendencies for perfectionism that she already has at such a young age.


Where do we get this from?


This idea that only the first time you try counts. That if it doesn’t work out the first time, there is something wrong. Where do we get this impatience with ourselves that makes it not okay to take a little more time if we need it?


I’ve been working on and praying for wisdom on how to help my sweet girl free herself; I mean that in every sense of the word. I want her to give herself permission to explore and make mistakes and learn.


It’s day 2 of keeping up whatever promises you may have made to yourself yesterday. Like me, you may have messed up already.

The good news is:

Mess ups are ok.

They are to be expected.

And they can be purposeful.

Just. Dont. Stop. Trying.


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