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Josephine Santiago-Bond

Head of Advanced Engineering Development at NASA

Who is Josephine Santiago-Bond? 

Josephine Santiago-Bond did not grow up wanting to work for NASA or wanting to have anything to do with space, really. She was raised in the Philippines and so NASA and its rockets were lightyears away from her. It was something she only really read about in her history books. Eventually, Josephine would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering from the University of Philippines. Afterwards, she took some time off and began to explore the job market in the United States. She was able to find one as a n engineer designing sports products, while she was studying to get her master’s degree in electrical engineering at South Dakota State University. 

Her life took a huge change one summer. She took a summer internship at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and ever since then, she was hooked. She loved the mission, her coworkers, and science. Soon after, Josephine began working a full-time job for NASA. Since then, she has contributed to the design of new technologies, space shuttle ground systems, the Constellation subsystems, and even worked on several lunar missions. To this day, Josephine says that NASA has given her the necessary opportunities to grow not only as an engineer but as a leader. She currently serves as the chief of the advanced engineering development branch and manages a group of engineers across many disciplines.

What is her greatest challenge, you may ask. “My greatest challenge was not always having enough confidence to take the next step in my career. I would get into a job and strive to do it well, but never felt good about leaving for another job. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have advocates that would tap me on the shoulder, encourage me to apply for opportunities, or offer me opportunities. It seemed like other people felt I was ready for a change before I realized it myself. It required a lot of self-reflection, increased self-awareness, asking for honest feedback, taking lots of training, receiving mentoring, and receiving coaching to get me to where I am now. Now I take full advantage of opportunities without being prompted, I’m brave enough to apply for competitive assignments even if I don’t always get selected, and I can proudly say I am navigating my career in the direction I want it to go.”

3 Things We Love About Josephine Santiago-Bond:

  • Originally, Josephine didn’t even like space! Funny how things change! 
  • She is most impacted by NASA’s mission and values (safety, integrity, teamwork, and excellence). 
  • In her free time, she is the chair for the Kennedy’s Asian Pacific American Connection Employee Resource Group.

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