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NAME: 3D Brain
STEM Field: Science

For a fun interactive app that teaches about various functions of the brain, try out 3D Brain.


STEM Field: General Learning

ABCya has so many fun learning games and activities for K to 5.


NAME: Amaziograph
STEM Field: Mathematics

Your daughter will love painting pictures, especially geometric ones, on Amaziograph.


NAME: Articulation Station
STEM Field: Speech

The Articulation Station app provides articulation practice to kids that may need speech therapy and help with pronouncing sounds.


NAME: Bloxels
STEM Field: Technology

With Bloxels, your daughter can make her own video games. All she needs is her imagination.


NAME: Clementine Wants to Know
STEM Field: Science

For a little help answering the ever curious question about where babies come from, check out the Clementine Wants to Know App!


NAME: Discover Water
STEM Field: Science

Discover Water and its very important role in our lives with your kids at this online destination.


NAME: DIY Human Body
STEM Field: Science

For an exciting digital exploration of the human body check out DIY Human Body!


NAME: Dr. Seuss Reading App
STEM Field: Reading

Delight your little reader with a treasury of Dr Seuss classics!


NAME: Ebookadabra
STEM Field: Reading

Ebookadabra is a reading experience for kids three to seven. Kids can discover books on their owner and share it.


NAME: Fog Stone
STEM Field: Mathematics

Fog Stone Isle transforms the way your child learns math by immersing them in a virtual world game. Players have seen a 30% increase in math scores when regularly playing.


NAME: Funbrain
STEM Field: General Learning

Find online educational games for kids K - 8 at Funbrain.


NAME: Game Classroom
STEM Field: General Learning

Educational games for K-6 at Game Classroom!


NAME: Goldie Blox App
STEM Field: Technology

Have fun making movies with your daughter!


NAME: Heads Up
STEM Field: Studying

Heads Up! will allow your daughter make fun study games with flashcards.


NAME: Interland
STEM Field: Safety

Interland is web based game by google to help your children be Internet Awesome. In other words, this game is a fun way to teach your kids how to be safe online.


NAME: Kid Smartz
STEM Field: Safety

Kids Smartz is a resource for teaching your girls about personal safety. It's a great time to have a refresher talk with your #smartgirl.


NAME: Math Cats
STEM Field: Mathematics

Math Cats features math games for elementary aged kids. You can expect creative, open-ended math explorations!


NAME: Mathmeeter
STEM Field: Mathematics

To build a rocket ship to launch into space, kids must earn money by completing basic math challenges.


NAME: Move the Turtle
STEM Field: Technology

Introduce your daughter to the basics of computer programing with the Move The Turtle App


NAME: Operation Math
STEM Field: Mathematics

Go on a mission and save the world while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the Operation Math App


NAME: Peanut App
STEM Field: Social

Wanna meet other moms with similar interests as you? Peanut App is a platonic tinder for moms.


NAME: Puzzlets
STEM Field: Technology

Puzzlets combines hands-on play with interactive gaming to form one seamless experience, engaging the mind and teaching the player new ways of thinking. Its a great way to introduce programming.


NAME: Reading Raven
STEM Field: Reading

Phonics based reading app customizable for age 3 - 7 at Reading Raven


NAME: Speaktacular Sight Words
STEM Field: Reading

For sight word learning with the added benefit of pronunciation assessments check out Speaktacular Sight Words!


NAME: Teach Your Monster to Read
STEM Field: Reading

Teach Your Monster to Read is a free game that makes learning to read fun!


NAME: Toporopa
STEM Field: Geography

Explore Europe diverse topography with your child without leaving your house at Toporopa!


NAME: Write About This
STEM Field: Writing

Find text and voice writing prompts for elementary school kids at Write About This


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