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Raising Smart Girls (RSG) is the best parenting resource designed for the parents of girls aged 3 to 12. Our mission is to demystify STEM for you and your girls and, by doing so, inspire a generation of fearless female leaders and innovators!

We meet you right at the intersection of parenting and education, to equip you with knowledge, tools and resources to raise girls that are confident, competent and have great character. ⠀

What is STEM?⠀
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These subjects represent the tools for innovation in our current day. Although women are evenly represented in today's workforce, they comprise only 25% of the STEM workforce. Let's change that together!⠀To learn more, read our responses to the top 7 questions about STEM learning.

Who is the Raising Smart Girls platform for?⠀
RSG is designed for parents of girls aged 3 to 12. We focus primarily on moms, because of the key role they play in making decisions about which topics their children learn, and which career paths they later follow. Also, given women's low participation in STEM careers, many moms are unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable with STEM subjects. However, we do acknowledge the great impact on a young girl's confidence, competence and character when she has the full support of her father. So all dads are very welcome!!


How do you segment the broad range of ages that you serve?
Yes, 3 to 12 is a wide age range, and there are significant developmental differences within those 9 years. We segment our content by preschool [3 - 5 yr olds], school age [6 - 9 yr olds] and pre-teen [10 - 12 yr olds].


I subscribe to the weekly newsletter already. What can I expect from the website?
You will still get the weekly roundup you're accustomed to, which is now called The Newsfeed. These short paragraphs are carefully curated and summarized to deliver content that is relevant and relatable to you.

To make navigating the volume of diverse content on our website, we have organized them in segments named after those actions we hope we inspire you to take with your girls. These segments are Know, Guide, Explore, Inspire and Resource Library.


What kind of content can I find in the KNOW segment of the website?
The KNOW Segment is focused on making sure your stay in-the-know about all the relevant education and parenting topics that inform your decisions on behalf of your #smartgirl.

You will find our curated summary of parenting and education conversations called The Newsfeed; Quick Guides, which are visual representations of research studies so that you get can grab the insights you need quickly; and our MOMSplainer feature that breaks down key education topics or concepts in an easily digestible format.


What kind of content can I find in the GUIDE segment of the website?

The GUIDE Segment is a guide for the guide, so to speak. We strongly believe that you are your #smartgirl's unfair advantage. You are doing a great job. We are just here for support.

You will find editorial content on personal development topics such as money, confidence, entrepeneurship, relationships, self-love etc. All with the intention of helping you navigate life with your #smartgirl.


What kind of content can I find in the EXPLORE segment of the website?

The EXPLORE segment is all about the fun you and your #smartgirl can have learning together. We have curated activities and projects you can enjoy in and out of your home.

You will be thrilled about our STEM Ecosystem database. We have 1000+ places nationally that you and your #smartgirl can explore. Pick your city/state and start making plans!


What kind of content can I find in the INSPIRE segment of the website?

The INSPIRE segment is designed to showcase the stories of women and girls living brilliantly and making meaningful contributions to their communities and our world across varied disciplines, but particularly in STEM.

This is also where we soon hope to share the story of YOU and your #smartgirl (yes, we mean it!), so that we can all learn from what you are doing at home that is working!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can answer any more questions for you. We're glad you're here!