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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We have curated a gift guide for giving all smart girls in your life gifts that inspire both STEM learning and fun. Below you will find both items from our store as well as items you can purchase from Amazon that will excite the smart girls you know.


Preschool [3 -5 yrs]

Youth Smart Girl Squad T-shirt


You can’t put a smart girl in a box, there is no limit to what she can accomplish. This tee embodies the possibilities when she is given the chance to be her authentic self.

School Age [6-9yrs]

Dear Smart Girl Electrical Engineer Kit


Your smart girl’s creativity will be ignited as she explores the core concepts of electricity and conductivity in this kit. She will learn about parallel circuits and build one to light up a head band of her design!

Pre-Teen [10 -12 yrs]

Dear Smart Girl Shirt & Kit Bundle


A perfect gift combo of a smart girl squad tee and an electrical engineering activity kit for your curious and creative smart girl.


Whether your smart girl is an explorer, designer, maker, builder, scientist or tech enthusiast we have you covered with 54 recommendations specially curated for girls 3 to 12 and with prices starting as low as $10. Click the category heads to expand each section. 


Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club MoonScope


Stargazing with this telescope is a super fun way to encourage your smart girl’s curiosity.

Green Explorer’s Club – Coral Reef Project Box


In this box, learn how corals build a reef. Coral reefs are an underwater ecosystem that provides shelter and food to marine animals living in oceans around the world. Use code SMARTGIRLS at checkout to get 10% off. 

BIRANCO. Flower Garden Building Set


This kit includes over 138 pieces that your daughters can use to make their own flower gardens. Bonus points for being easy to clean!

School Age [6 -9yrs]

Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Water Globes


Let your smart girl tap into her inner marine biologist while she explores life under the sea. These also make super cute decorations when they’re done.

Glow In The Dark T_Shirt For Curious Girls


Perfect for every girl with the insatiable desire to know more about everything!  Feel great finding answers in this super-comfy glow-in-the-dark shirt

Crazy Aaron’s Putty Mini Tin Gift Set Bundle


This wild putty makes sensory play engaging for all ages. In addition to the usual fun of squishing and molding, these putties are also glow in the dark and can hide secret messages!

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

Dig A Dozen Gem Blocks – Archeology Geology Science Kit


Everyone loves gems! But discovering your own is extra exciting. After the dig, your smart girl can use her finds to make jewelry or just display.

Project MC2 Pretend Play Super Spy Stem Science Kit by Horizon Group USA


Young detectives can use their problem solving skills to search for clues, and even take fingerprints.

Buzzy ReCycleMe Project Box


Eco-conscious Smart Girls can turn trash into treasure. Prepare yourself, Smart Girls will never look at trash the same.

Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Pop Beads, Jewelry Making Kit


With pop beads, Smart Girls can make their own jewelry while they build their fine motor skills!

Omy Sticker Decor Pocket Activity Pack


Your Smart Girl will never know she’s actually working on her fine motor skills with this sticker design kit. She can create her own looks, and when she’s done, the book folds up for easy storage.

Omy Giant Coloring Poster


Smart Girls can get creative with their own idea of what space looks like. This giant poster will provide hours of coloring time.

School Age [6 -9yrs]

DJECO Colored Glitter Art Kit


Two words: glitter dresses. Designers can create one of a kind dresses with glitter. The sticker adhesive makes the experience a little more controlled, so there’s less risk of getting glitter everywhere.

DJECO Jewelry Making Kit, Beads and Hearts Paperback


The beads in this jewelry making kit are a step up from what we usually see in DIY jewelry kits. These are the real deal, so your Smart Girl can create stunning necklaces, and wear them to show off her design skills.

LEGO DOTS Power Bracelet


Even LEGO is getting in on the jewelry making scene! This unique approach to jewelry design uses LEGO dots, so the parts are removable for endless bracelet making combos.

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Studio


Everything your Smart Girl needs to create her own fashion designs is right here in this box- including a dress form! The best part is that it’s miniature, so she can design whatever clothes she wants, without you having to worry she’ll wear them out of the house.

iLY Activity Kings Scrunchie Loom Kit


Scrunchies are cool but making your own is way cooler!

Craft-tastic – DIY Charming Charms


Smart Girls can make over 100 charms for bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and more. They’re fun to collect or even to trade with friends.

Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Gifts2U Magnetic Robots


These adorable little robots offer hours of entertainment. They’re not only a great STEM toy, they’re also perfect for imaginative play.

Inpher Balance Math Game


A standard balance is possibly the most simple and effective way for children to learn number concepts. This one with a frog helps the youngest Smart Girls develop a concrete idea of how numbers work, and how objects’ weight impacts functionality. All of that, in one simple scale.

330 pcs Building Blocks


Interlocking blocks in all kinds of fun colors are hard to resist for any Smart Girl. But these unique shapes have a little something extra. And no sharp edges, so mamas, stepping on one isn’t life threatening.

School Age [6 -9yrs]

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game


A regular marble run is fun enough on it’s own, but this one doubles as a game. It offers a variety of challenges for Smart Girls to try, but also allows for aspiring architects to just build on their own.

PLUS PLUS – Open Play Tube – 240 Piece Glitter Mix


Open ended, imaginative play, is important at any age. School aged Smart Girls can use these blocks for endless creations, while maintaining their fine motor skills.

LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission


Animal lovers and builders can join their LEGO friends as they go on a mission to help rescue a dolphin.

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst


There’s really no better way to find out how stuff works other than diving in and giving it a try. This kit comes with all the tools Smart Girls need to build their own motors, and watch their creations on the move.

LEGO Architecture New York City


Once the shiny NYC skyline is finished, it will be a fantastic art piece to display in any Smart Girl’s room.

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit


Build and code your own super hero gear?! Yes please!

Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Decorate & Personalize Your Own Water Bottle


Every Smart Girl needs her own water bottle. This one comes with jeweled stickers, so it can be personalized- never have a water bottle mix up again.

DJECO Le Petite Artist Collages for Little Ones Activity Set


Little makers can create their own mixed media collage critters. No directions here, just the freedom to create and learn functionality. All of that, in one simple scale.

Magformers My First Animal Jumble 60 Piece Set


With these magnetic blocks, Smart Girls can make their favorite animals, or even invent new ones.

School Age [6 -9yrs]

Yahboom Robot Kit for Kids


An entry-level programmable robot kit that combines coding with games. Your girls can create their own commands by simply dragging and dropping codes in the easy to use App. 

DJECO Fairy-Like Mosaic Frames Craft Kit


These frames are fun to make, but the finished product also doubles as a gift. These are great to give BFFs or even grandparents.

Thames & Kosmos Super Duper Bubble Gum Lab STEM Experiment & Activity Kit


Anything that grosses out grown ups is a win for kids, right? Making your own bubble gum is definitely one of those things! But also, how cool!

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

GirlZone Lip Gloss Kit Make Your Own Lip Balm


Your Smart Girl can make her own lip gloss and even design the packaging. Perfect for aspiring beauty influencers.

3D Coloring Puzzle Set


The intricate designs on these puzzle pieces will keep older Smart Girls engaged for hours. But the fun continues even after the coloring is done, when it’s time to put together the designs.

Creatto Sparkle Unicorn & Friends Light-Up Craft Puzzle from Thames & Kosmos


There are only two simple components, but there are four creations to make. These make unique light up room decor, too.

Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Kids Science Experiment Kit with Lab Coat Scientist Costume


Young scientists can look the part with an actual lab coat, and tools to match. The littlest Smart Girls can get to know the names for different lab equipment while they have the freedom to scientific discoveries all on their own.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Play Set


Melissa and Doug never disappoint with their simple approach to toys that double as learning tools. This magnetic wooden puzzle is perfect for your mini-scientist to explore, and ask all kinds of questions about the human body.

Learning Resources STEM Explorers Magnet Movers


Littles will have a blast exploring the wide world of magnets (with adult supervision, of course)

School Age [6 -9yrs]

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit


Your Smart Girl can tap into her inner physicist by using regular LEGO, along with balls, string, and ramps, to find out how things move! There are directions to make simple moving machines, but Smart Girls will also enjoy the trial and error process of trying to make things on their own.



Science is magical, but now Smart Girls can learn exactly how that magic works. This is the perfect gift for any Smart Girl that loves to search for the “why.”

Educational Insights Now You See It, Now You Don’t—See-Through Compost Container


“Ewwww” is usually the first thing kids say when they hear that compost involves worms and trash. But with this up close and personal look at how compost breaks down, they’ll change their minds.

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

Yellow Scope | Foundation Chemistry Kit


Experimenting with chemical reactions is just about as cool as it gets. Don’t tell the tweens, but while they’re having fun “playing” with their chemistry set, they’re also learning.

Brisk Learner Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit


This chemistry set is the real dig- big girls only! Everything your Smart Girl needs to dive into the world of chemistry.

STMT D.I.Y. Bath Bombs Kit by Horizon Group USA


Mix and match colors and scents to create one of a kind bath bombs.

Preschool [3 -5yrs]

Matatalab Lite a Remote Control Coding Robot


This tiny robot is the perfect way to introduce your little Smart Girl to coding.

Learning Resources Coding Critters Go Pets Dipper The Narwhal


Dipper is the perfect companion to pique your Smart Girl’s interesting in computers and coding.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First: Robot Safari


The littlest engineers can make eight of their own robotic animals, including a unicorn!

School Age [6 -9yrs]

Sphero Specdrums (2 Rings) App-Enabled Musical Rings


If only there was a way for kids to learn to make music without expensive instruments… and all that noise. Enter these light up finger “drums.” Smart Girls can use music apps to save their music and build their own library.

Sphero Mini (Blue) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball


A programmable robot ball is just as cool as it sounds. Smart Girls can scratch the surface of coding and robotics.



Kids can turn their own vision into a real life game to play. Not only will they be entertained while doodling, they’ll actually get to see their creation come to life in a game they can really play!

Pre- Teen [10 -12yrs]

SmartLab Toys Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House


Most tweens are always looking for a space of their own, here they can have their own home… kind of. Smart Girls can design their very own smart home, complete with alternative energy.

Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet – Tumbling Hedgehog


If you’re not quite ready for a real pet, let your Smart Girl practice with this robotic hedgehog.

Boolean Box


Even tweens can’t resist the cool factor of a DIY computer. Smart Girls can learn coding while the experiment with the provided keyboard, mouse, circuit board, and more.

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