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Hello Smart Mommy!

Why is it that when you tell someone you have a baby daughter, most people’s response is something to the tune of, “Sugar and spice and everything nice,” but when you tell someone you have a teenage daughter, you’re met with disdain, although empathetic, for their sassy attitudes and drama-seeking behavior? 

Lets face it; besides the pretty bows, tutu skirts, and fancy shoes, raising girls comes with its own unique set of challenges.  My best friend, Uto and I, have four girls between us and actively act as co-parents to our kids. We are constantly sharing information on parenting resources, as we ultimately want to be able to confidently answer these questions about our parenting:

Did we raise head smart girls who are well prepared to make the right choices and thrive in our rapidly evolving world?

Did we raise heart smart girls who understand their true self-worth and who guard their hearts when it comes to love of both themselves and others?

Raising head smart, heart smart girls is no simple task, which is why we created this platform to extend support and resources to other moms on a similar parenting journey.  Most of all, we desire to foster a community with you, our fellow smart mommy.

We are in this together; our girls will shine!

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