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Diana Sierra

Social Entrepreneur & Industrial Designer

Who is Diana Sierra? 

Diana Sierra was working in Uganda in 2012, when she was surprised and outraged to see young girls dropping out of school left and right. Why? Because there was nothing to help them manage their periods. There were supplies like books and shoes, but nothing for the menstrual cycle that girls will be forced to deal with for decades. Soon, Diana realized that without addressing this issue now, it would last long past schools and take root in the workplace, home, and every part of life. 

She worked alongside smart girls, discovering the problem wasn’t just sanitary products. It was with combining sanitary products with culture, what is readily available, and adaptable to the bodies of each girl! Diana went through prototype after prototype with the girls before she came to the final product! 

A signature hybrid design with a waterproof bottom and mesh pocketing! 

Diana and the girls knew it was perfect, especially when one of them chimed up, “It makes me proud to be a girl!” 

This is the origin story of many girls’ hero, Be Girl. It is a design company operating under the philosophy that a good design is simple, resourceful, and inclusive. Diana Sierra is the CEO and co-founder! From period panties to menstrual cups, her products are changing the world for young girls. Diana is helping women in developing countries with designing better appliances, tools and better empowerment programs through business and design.

3 Things We Love About Diana Sierra?  

  • She sees opportunity in experiences.
  • She loves eating crickets! She says they are delicious and nutritious.
  • She is a historian of women and gender in Latina America! 

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