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Dr. Ayanna Howard

Robotics Engineer

Ayanna Howard is the founder and CTO of Zyrobotics, a company that develops educational robots for children and the disabled.

As a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, Ayanna has come a long way from her job at NASA in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to starting her own company, Zyrobotics, to the Chair of The School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. She continues research with focus on applications that span from assistive robots in the home to therapy gaming apps to remote robotic exploration of extreme environments.

3 Things We Love About Ayanna: 

  • Her favorite show growing up was “The Bionic Woman”. She wanted to create artificial limbs.
  • Uses her imagination in her work to find new ways that robots can help us on Earth and in space exploration.
  • She loves to geek out on new technology.

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