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Viral “Fucket Bucket” and Other Clean-Up Hacks To Keep Summer Messes In Control

As summer is only beginning, the daily household chores are increasing without a doubt. Kids can be messy and sometimes it looks like a tornado ran through your house after a long day of fun and play.  

One mom has a particularly interesting take on how to handle the mess in her home. Jessica McGinty posted on her facebook page, Mishmash Moments, a method she called “fucket bucket”.


McGinty explained that if something gets left on the ground, or doesn’t end up where it belongs, it goes in the bins so that she doesn’t have to clean it up.

It looks as if each child gets their own bin, and the parents basically just put the messes they make into those bins for the children to handle later, because the parents are so tired of doing it. If the bins don’t get cleared out, then “fucket” it goes in the trash. 

This system places the responsibility back on your kiddos and simple to execute. Grab an extra bucket laying around your house, and put your child’s name on it. Explain to them that if they don’t clean up after themselves, they have limited time before they loose it. 

It’s safe to say this facebook post was definitely meant as more of a joke than anything, but it actually could be put to good use to help kids learn accountability. Maybe these buckets will become a new system of cleaning in classrooms too. However, I think it needs a different name because “fucket bucket” is something you definitely don’t want your kids repeating. Jessica, as suspected, mentioned in the comments of her post that she doesn’t actually call it that to her kids and only mutters “fucket” under her breadth as she cleans up. 

So if you don’t think the “fucket bucket” is for you- don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are so many more ways to make cleaning easier, or as easy as it can be.

For example, incorporate freeze dance into cleaning with your kids- put their favorite song on, dance while you clean, and when the song pauses you freeze. This keeps your kids excited, entertained, and most importantly, helping you clean. 

Another easy way to get the children involved in cleaning up their own messes include making it a competition. If you have more than one child, make them compete against each other to see who can be the “cleanest”. 

Sooner or later, cleaning will become a habit for them, rather than a chore. It takes a while to develop habits, so try not to get frustrated, but instead support and encourage your children along the way. 

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