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15 Great Montessori Toys for Kids

Montessori toys encourage imagination and often require children to learn real-life skills. For example, they lead children to problem-solve, which is applicable in all stages of a child’s life. Montessori toys can improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well.  If you’re interested in having your daughter learn while she plays, take a look at some of the best Montessori toys available:

Montessori Toys for 3-5 Year Olds

NNDA CO 10 X Blocks Montessori Sensorial Materials Tower

The NNDA CO 10 x Blocks Montessori Sensorial Materials Tower is the perfect toy for any child who loves to create! The Pink Tower is an important part of sensorial activity; it promotes observation, balance, coordination, and concentration. As children build, they will develop muscle movement. The possibilities are endless with a variety of block sizes.

Millard Wooden Waldorf Balance Wavee Board

The Milliard Wooden Waldorf Balance Wavee Board is an amazing Montessori toy for any imaginative child. It has a long list of uses, and your child will develop even more. It’s a great place for kids to rest, rock, or stand. They can use it to rock their favorite stuffed animals to sleep, too.  Each Wavee Board is made to last with natural beechwood. The wood has unique coloring, texture, grain, and mineral patterns in the outer layer. These variations make each board one of a kind.

Shoresu Baby Montessori Mathematics Counting Cards

If your child is learning how to count or do math, the Shoresu Montessori Mathematics Counting Cards will be an excellent addition to your playroom. The focus on number sequence makes it a great product for emerging mathematicians. As your kids’ math skills grow, the wood chips and numbers can be used as manipulatives.

Montessori Small Wooden Moveable Alphabet

The Montessori small wooden alphabet toy set gives children a chance to learn their letters, sounds, and to work on spelling, too. Preschoolers love a tangible opportunity to work on letter recognition, and older children enjoy physically building words as they learn welded sounds and simple spellings.

EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer

The EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer for Toddlers allows children to be creative and benefit educationally while playing.  Children use problem-solving skills to grasp how things work.  Furthermore, because this engaging toy is a kid-magnet, children are working on their communication and social skills while playing together.

Montessori Toys for 6-9 Year Olds

The Nugget

The Nugget, comprised of four, large soft pieces, can be arranged and rearranged to become whatever your child imagines it to be. Whether she’s using it as a spaceship, tumbling mat, or couch, your daughter will find The Nugget to be a unique way to play. 

Haba Ball Track

Who doesn’t love a good marble track? The Haba Ball Track Wooden Marble Toy Set allows for problem-solving and helps children to understand spatial awareness. You can order even more pieces for greater building opportunities, as well!

Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles promote STEM development at a young age. As children connect the brightly colored magnetic tiles, they improve their fine motor skills while using their imagination to create whatever comes to mind.

Deluxe Wood Easel

This easel is the perfect way to encourage artistic creativity in your children. When they have access to artistic materials, they are more likely to use them. Provide your kids with an easel, paper, paint, brushes, and chalk. Get ready to watch their imaginations soar!

Hue Animation Studio

The Hue Animation Studio incorporates STEM and promotes creativity by allowing children to create animated movies that are completely their own. Kids can film, edit, and more. This is perfect for use with Legos, clay, and other materials, too. 

Montessori Toys for 10-12 Year Olds

Tool Set

Is your child ready to start building? Give her a small collection of tools that she can use for any project. This one includes two screwdrivers, a wrench, and a hammer. Of course, some adult supervision is necessary, because these are real tools. Building will give her a chance to use her creativity and to learn applicable life skills.

MiO Wooden Castle

This isn’t your average castle or dollhouse playset. This imaginative Montessori style STEM learning modular wooden building playset is constructed of high-quality wooden materials for your children to rearrange as they play. It comes with 38 pieces and promotes engineering and creativity through play. It can grow with your child as she learns new skills.

Plastic Rainbow Fraction Tiles

This amazing set includes 51 different fraction tiles. The hands-on manipulatives allow your kids to learn and understand fractions without a worksheet.

Snap Circuits Classic

Snap Circuits have been a favorite for years. This set allows children to build 300 different projects and experiment with a variety of materials. Snap Circuits promote problem-solving, creativity, and give children a good base in STEM.

Leonardo DaVinci’s Bridge Construction Sticks

The Leonardo DaVinci’s Bridge Construction Sticks set comes with 100 wooden building sticks that can be used for building bridges or for any other creative structure. This promotes creativity and problem-solving. If kids work together, they can learn social and communication skills, too. What will your child build?

Consider investing in a few high-quality Montessori toys for your children. These will allow them to use their imagination, learn new concepts, and develop STEM skills at a young age. The possibilities are endless, so give your child the opportunity to learn and grow today!

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