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An Interview with an Education Expert: How to Prepare Yourself & Your Child for Remote Learning

Back to school season is upon us and it looks different than last school year. In addition to getting school supplies, we are also creating learning nooks in our homes to help build an environment that is suitable for our child’s learning. With remote learning on the horizon, there can be a lot of anxiousness and questions on what this school year will look like and how to best prepare ourselves and our children for it.  

Mariah Morris, an education and innovation expert and mother of two, addresses preparation for back to school from a teacher’s perspective and provides tips on what parents can do to help foster a learning environment. We chatted Mariah earlier this month to get insights on back to school preparation, creating learning pods and school innovation for the long term.

We covered the following questions during the interview:

  • What does it feel like to be a teacher during COVID-19?
  • How are teachers preparing to continue school remotely?
  • Are teachers paid for professional development hours?
  • What should parents do to prepare for the new school year?
  • What should parents know about micro schooling?
  • Who should parents consider hiring for a micro school?
  • What is the ideal size of a homeschool pod?
  • What does a good parent-teacher partnership look like?
  • What changes should or should not be made to the education system?

Mariah Morris is an innovation and project special projects coordinator and was the 2019 North Carolina Teacher of the Year who is now leading innovation within her district and county. 

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